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Get the best customer experience in the industry. Start here!

Get the best customer experience in the industry. Start here!

Owner Resources

Our Mission

  • To help create generational wealth by providing education, resources, and strategy for acquiring, holding, and disposing of real estate assets
  • To raise the standards for property management services by providing an exceptional experience for real estate investors and their tenants

Our Promise

  • To be your advocate in all dealings with tenants and vendors
  • To communicate promptly, transparently, and accurately
  • To be a great steward of your financial and real estate assets

Our Standards

  • 100% Respect, 100% Accurate, On Schedule, Within Budget

Serving Minneapolis MN and the Surrounding Areas

Not a Client Yet?

Contact us by completing the contact form below, or scheduling a call HERE for a free assessment to see if we would be a good fit, and to learn why we may be your best choice locally.

Why Choose Us?

Simply put... We are the best!

  • Since our inception, we have had:
    Zero Evictions of tenants we placed
    Zero Missed Payments from Tenants we placed
    Zero Pet Damage from pets we approved
  • A live person who will advocate for your interests when you call our office
  • Marketing strategy which maximizes exposure to A+ qualified tenants
  • $1,000 extra protection from pet damage
  • Quick rent deposits, days after your tenants pay
  • Competitive pricing that is aligned to your interests with a win-win approach
  • Peace of mind with less hassle

For new clients, we provide a one-year guarantee that you will generate more net operating income by using our services, or we will refund the difference from what you paid us and your previous manager.

Schedule a Call with our Owner

Discuss your Plans, Objectives, or Needs

  1. Get a Free Analysis of your Investment or Rental Property
  2. Discuss how you can Increase your Rental Income
  3. Discuss the Challenges of your current Management
  4. Discuss our Profit Guarantee for DIY owners, Out-of-Town owners, or Multi-property owners.
  5. Or discuss anything else that is on your mind.

We promise, we will not waste your time.


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